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Pledges 2015

Alan Burrows

09 December 2015

The project staff from Release Young Carers YMCASC pledge to continue to promote carer friendly communities throughout 2016


Paul Longmire

24 November 2015

We pledge to build a community where carers and their loved ones can feel safe and access the right information by trusted and trained professionals whenever they need it.


Garry Pritchard

13 November 2015

I pledge to raise awareness of the needs of carers within the local community and employers through social media, union and work connections


Carers Week 2016

These organisations have joined together to make Carers Week happen in 2016.

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  • Carers UK new logo
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  • independent age
  • macmillan
  • ms society web
  • MND logo

Proudly supported by:

  • The Lockwood
    Charitable Foundation
  • Nutricia
  • Sainsburys


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