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New research findings for Health & Social Care

07 June 2015

Health & Social Care: New research findings

Carers were asked which health and social care services in their local communities were the best at meeting their needs and which services failed to include them. Pharmacies were the most carer-friendly services overall, whereas care and support services were ranked the least carer-friendly.

Carers rated the pharmacy as the most carer-friendly service they receive out of all community services across health, social care, work, transport and education:
67% of carers rated the pharmacy as carer–friendly
• Only 8% of carers rated the pharmacy as not carer-friendly at all

Carers reported a mixed experience of their GP practice. Although it was the second most carer-friendly service overall, a significant number of carers rated it as the least carer-friendly service:
57% of carers rated their GP practice as carer-friendly
• However, 20% of carers said their GP practice was not carer friendly and 16% rated it as the least carer-friendly service

Of those who said GP practices were the least carer-friendly service overall, 68% said this made caring more difficult and 71% said it affected their health.

Carers also reported a mixed experience of hospital services:
36% of carers rated the hospital as carer-friendly
• Whereas 24% of carers said their hospital was not carer-friendly and 13% of carers rated their hospital as the least carer friendly service

Of those who said hospitals were the least carer-friendly service overall, 73% said this made caring more difficult, 32% said it has a financial impact on them and 74% said it affected their health.

Of carers who have experience of care and support services, half (50%) rated them as carer-friendly with 28% of saying they were not.

23% of all carers rated care and support services as the least carer-friendly services in their communities. Of those who said care services were the least carer-friendly:
62% said this made caring more difficult
49% said it has a financial impact on them
77% said it affected their health

Useful background statistics: the health of carers

• Carers providing round the clock care are more than twice as likely to be in bad health than non-carers (Census, 2011)
• As a result of their caring responsibilities, 84% of carers felt more stressed, 78% felt more anxious, and 55% have experienced depression (State of Caring 2015, Carers UK, 2015)
• 56% of carers looking after someone with dementia had not been given information on managing medication for the person they cared for (A Road Less Rocky, Carers Trust, 2013)


Here are some good practice case studies of services who have adjusted their practices to meet the needs of carers:

Macmillan Step Up Service: Royal Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath

The service currently runs Friends and Family Events, which are two-hour sessions where cancer survivors who experience enduring fatigue following cancer or cancer treatment (or as a result of ongoing conditions e.g. some lymphomas) can bring friends and family members along to find out more about cancer-related fatigue and how to support their loved one to manage it.

Three Swans Surgery, Wiltshire

The Surgery encourages carers to fill out a form about their personal and caring situation, which then enables them to receive personalised care and get flexible appointment times. The Surgery also holds a Carers Clinic twice a year, where carers can get a personal health check and referral to a doctor or other local support services if necessary. They are also offered Carers Break Prescriptions, giving them a welcome opportunity for some valuable and much-needed 'me time'.

Lister Hospital, Hertfordshire

Lister Hospital in Hertfordshire is a Carer-Friendly Hospital. The hospital has put a number of measures in place to better support carers of patients at the hospital including negotiating discounts on the shuttle bus for carers, better publicity of discounts for frequent car park users, carers information on the website, information on medication in hospital and arrangements for overnight stays at the hospital.





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