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Dreams Come True: The Odd Pigeon

09 June 2016





I’m Olivia, I’m 14 and I’ve been caring for my mother, who has MS, for the past six years. I am always on the go. If I’m not at home, I’m either at school or at work earning money to save for when we need it most.

We are a single-parent family. Mum, my two brothers and I are all very closely connected. We have strong family ties, partly down to MS.

Caring isn’t something I think of as a burden, I very much enjoy providing care. I cook meals for the family and I clean the house from top to bottom. I help my mum dress, wash, move around and with her emotional needs.

MS dramatically affects Mum’s emotional state, she’s very self-conscious, at times depressed and plagued with fatigue, which adds to the depression.

olivia and mum



I love sharing my experiences through my blog, venting my emotions and spreading awareness for MS and young carers. I’m very passionate about both causes, and aim to give young carers, like me, a voice.

I’m really thankful for the amazing support I’ve received. My blog was a way for me to release messages to young carers and the general public about the importance of spreading awareness and speaking up.

I started blogging very quickly and everything fell into place. I feel as though I am at peace in my writing. The reaction to everything I have posted has been phenomenal and I’m always eager to do more.

Throughout my time caring and even two years prior to mum’s diagnosis, I’ve had an inspiration - a hero I look up to; Oritsé Williams.

This amazing man was in the boy band JLS and, like me, he cared for his mother with MS. Oritsé’s integrity and his selfless heart has got me through the darkest times, and it has always been my dream to meet him.

I received the surprise of a lifetime last week while being filmed for “This Morning” - Oritsé was standing on my doorstep!

oritse at door



Meeting him was an honour and we had so much in common in terms of our lives and caring. It has motivated me to continue what I am doing; I have a friend for life.

We had an amazing afternoon. There were lots of cuddles and it was honestly the best experience I’ve ever had!

All I can think of is his little chant “OLIVIA, ORITSÉ!” I’m so grateful for this experience and I can’t wait for the opportunities that may come soon. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen.


ortise and olivia

All my love,

The Odd Pigeon xx

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