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Care services

Most of the people supported by care service providers have a carer somewhere in the background. Care and support providers are ideally placed to connect carers to support.

Families want great quality care services which support the carer as well as the patient, making them feel part of the care. There are all kinds of ways for care services to involve and consult carers about the care of the person they look after and recognise that carers might need support too.

Care and support providers Commissioners and local authorities 

Care and support providers

Care and support services can give carers the peace of mind they need to take breaks from caring or develop their own personal, social, professional lives. Care and support services can also help to foster family relationships by ensuring carers have time to spend with their partners, or with friends and relatives.

Care and support providers are often at the heart of carers' lives and ideally placed to connect them with support and advice. 

There are many simple actions that you can take to Get Carers Connected:

  • Actively welcome feedback and input from family members, involve them in decisions about the care package and support provided to the person needing care.
  • Promote a carer's assessment to anyone caring unpaid for the person you support
  • Signpost advice, information and support services to carers
  • Recognise that some of your staff will have unpaid caring responsibilities of their own. As an employer, there are many simple things you can do that will improve the health and wellbeing of colleagues, as well as improving retention of staff. Just talking about caring makes a difference, as does promoting flexible working.

Pledge to get carers connected 

Commissioners and local authorities

Commissioners have duties to support carers under the Care Act 2014 and Children and Families Act 2014 in England, the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act (April 2016) and the Carers (Scotland) Act.

There are many simple actions that you can take to Get Carers Connected:

  • Develop or launch a new strategy to help carers.
  • Connect with many community organisations in order to reach out and help carers access different preventative services.
  • Look after people in your workforce who are carers as well as employees.
  • Join Employers for Carers employers forum and raise awareness of caring throughout your organisation.

Pledge to get carers connected




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