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Individuals and groups all over the UK are organising events to raise awareness for Carers Week 2018

Carers Week

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Supporting Carers to be Healthy and Connected


This Carers Week we are looking at all the ways we can support carers to stay Healthy and Connected. Building communities which support carers to look after their loved ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with health and wellbeing needs of their own.

Find out how we can help carers to become Healthy and Connected.


Cookery for Carers with Portsmouth City Council

Many of us struggle to sustain a healthy diet, but the added responsibility of caring for a loved one can make food choices an afterthought. This year, nearly half of carers responding to our State of Caring survey said they struggle to maintain a balanced diet whilst 6 in 10 said their physical health had worsened since they started caring. Read more...

Combating Loneliness in the Workplace

Caring for the people we love can feel like the most natural thing in the world. Yet, financial, emotional, and even physical demands have the power to create isolation – especially if your caring obligations are less understood in the workplace. On top of this, many people do not identify themselves as carers. Read more...

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Chesterfield Royal Hospital Foundation Trust, Chesterfield

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On: Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th, Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

Carers Week 2018

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