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For politicians

Millions of people in the UK provide unpaid care for an ill, older, or disabled family member or friend. Unpaid carers live in every area and constituency across the UK.

Carers hold families together, enable loved ones to get the most out of life, and make an enormous contribution to society. But caring can also have a significant impact on all aspects of life from relationships and health to finances and work.

Carers made an enormous contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic often providing higher levels of care without access to their usual support. It has taken a huge toll on their health, wellbeing, and finances. They urgently need your support to recover from the impact of the pandemic and to continue to care safely.

Please support carers in your community this Carers Week by:

  • Getting in touch with your local carers' organisation
  • Sharing our advice and information resources with carers in your constituency
  • Working to create a Carer Friendly Community by encouraging organisations and services in your constituency (eg employers, GP surgeries, pharmacies, schools, colleges, universities) to make caring Visible, Valued and Supported.

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