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5-11 June 2023

A Recovery and Respite Plan for Unpaid Carers

Carers Week 2022 came following an extraordinary two and a half years for unpaid carers, who have faced unprecedented pressures throughout the pandemic.

Many carers are still isolating due to Covid, unable to access the care and support services they used to rely on, and are having to provide significantly increased hours of care compared to before the pandemic, leaving them burnt out and exhausted.

The charities involved with Carers Week 2022 called on the government to outline additional support for carers across a range of areas – including breaks, respite and care services, infection control, identification of carers, financial help, and support to juggle work and care. Doing so would recognise the enormous impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on carers’ lives, as well as the people they care for, and help to mitigate some of the negative impacts that caring can have on carers’ own physical and mental health.

You can see the letter we sent to the government calling for a Recovery and Respite Plan here.


Open Letter To Government Carers Week 2022 Campaign


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