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10-16 June 2024

Vicki shares her experience of caring for her husband who suffers from Long Covid.

“In March 2020 my husband caught Covid. He was incredibly poorly at home and isolated in the bedroom. He should've been in hospital as he was really struggling to breathe. Initially he seemed to recover, it took time, but he slowly pushed through until he returned to work in June. The crash came 2 months later.

“Our lives changed overnight, as Alan continues to suffer with Long Covid. It's been incredibly hard making the adjustment to being a carer. Alan had always worked hard, he was a great dad, a great husband and provider. He was my rock and the love of my life. But everything all of a sudden landed on me at a time when no one knew what was going on, when there was no help or support and very little compassion. I was terrified.

“There have been some really difficult times since then and some really low points. I understand how a carer in my position might just contemplate suicide. I started getting panic attacks at work. I was told I'd end up sectioned by colleagues who should have known better and then a year ago Alan lost his sight in one eye after a stroke. Another terrifying turn of events and I was signed off work for 2 months because I'd reached breaking point.

“My mental health was clearly in decline, and doctors kept telling me I had anxiety and wanted me on antidepressants or to try talking therapies. I was anxious but eventually it was shown I had anaemia and treatment has helped me to feel better. My mental health was helped by starting a Long Covid Support group on Facebook. It has been amazing to share caring experiences with others and to help those who are new to caring roles.”

With thanks to Vicki for sharing this story.

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