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5-11 June 2023

We are delighted to announce that Daisy Cooper MP, the Member of Parliament for St Albans, has agreed to be the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Champion for Carers Week 2022.

Responding to the announcement, Daisy said:

Carers perform vital, valuable and valued work. But many of them are simply burnt out, having worked non-stop throughout the pandemic without any or as much external support.

In many cases, the loved ones they care for are still vulnerable to the ongoing risk of Covid, meaning they both have to shield and take precautions.

Despite this, Carer’s Allowance is just £69.70 a week – a paltry sum when you factor in the cost of living crisis and it isn’t even included in the list of benefits that will receive additional support in the Chancellor’s new plans.

As the Liberal Democrat’s Parliamentary Champion for Carers Week 2022, I’m joining calls for a one-year funded Recovery and Respite Plan for Unpaid Carers. This would give carers the respite, care services, and financial support that they need.”
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