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10-16 June 2024

Julie Morgan MS, Deputy Minister for Social Services in Wales, has released a Written Statement for Carers Week.

"At the start of Carers Week, I want to give my personal and heartfelt thanks to all unpaid carers in Wales. Whether you provide care for just a couple of hours, or it is your full-time responsibility, thank you.

"The theme for this year is “recognising carers in the community.”  Everyone can play a positive role in supporting unpaid carers, not just family and friends but employers, GPs and hospitals, social services, schools and colleges, local businesses and charities.

"The Welsh Government funds the Carer Aware Project and through partnership between Carers Wales and Carers Trust Wales, we will equip health and social care professionals to be more carer aware and to take a co-productive approach to service design and delivery."

The full statement can be found on the Welsh Government website.

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