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10-16 June 2024
Recognising and supporting carers in the community

The theme for Carers Week 2023 is 'Recognising and supporting carers in the community'.  

 This Carers Week, we want communities across the UK to come together to recognise the huge contribution unpaid carers make to society. Politicians, employers, health and social services, businesses, education providers and members of the public all have a role to play in raising awareness of caring and making sure carers are able to access the information and support they need. 


What we'll be focusing on throughout the week: 

Each day of Carers Week will have a different focus, which you may find useful to plan your activities and communications around. 

Monday: launch of Carers Week

Tuesday: health and social care

Wednesday: work and employment 

Thursday: younger carers 

Friday: older carers 

Saturday: mental health and wellbeing 

Sunday: reflections on Carers Week 2023 


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