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Nearly half of carers combine their caring role with paid work. To combine the two, carers need to be able to rely on good quality, flexible health and care services. They also need to have an understanding employer and flexible working arrangements.

Carers should be able to work in an environment that supports them. This can be achieved through formal policies and procedures, or informal arrangements with the support and understanding of colleagues and managers.

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There are some simple steps that employers can take to reduce feelings of isolation and ensure that carers are able to balance work with their caring responsibilities:

  • Around 1 in 7 of your employees will also be carers. Use Carers Week to connect them to support available in the workplace and externally.
  • Introduce and promote flexible working policies.
  • Introduce paid care leave so that carers are not forced to take annual leave for caring emergencies.
  • Set up or encourage staff to set up a carers' staff network to connect carers to each other.
  • Invest in an employee assistance programme.
  • When you are recruiting, be aware that candidates may have gained valuable skills as carers such as managing direct payments, and complex scheduling such as co-ordinating a range of professionals.
  • Find details or local carers' support services for your employees.

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You have a vital role in helping your staff juggle work alongside their caring responsibilities and help promote a carer friendly workplace.

There are many simple actions that you can take in the workplace to get carers connected:

  • Ensure that all your staff are aware of the relevant HR policies that your organisation has in place to support staff with caring responsibilities.
  • Make it easy for your employees to talk to you about their caring responsibilities at work and offer whatever support you can offer within your company's policies. Whether you can provide specific support or not, it is better for you and your staff if they are able to talk to you about their caring role, rather than overstretch themselves.
  • Signpost colleagues to support they can get outside the workplace, such as advice and information services and peer support groups.

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